Flower's Symphony Svetlana Shikhova

Flower’s Symphony is about a sensorial itinerary’s slivers, an experience lived at 360 degrees and capable of recounting, with elegance and refinement, a floral realm in all its extraordinary expressions, from events to wedding, from design to fashion. The artistic project is developed thanks to the enthusiasm, passion and professional experience of Svetlana Shikhova. Born and raised in the hearth of Moscow but a subscribed milanese, Svetlana is a prominent and talented floral designer of international level. An art, nature and blossom lover, Svetlana soon discovered a passion for floral design. She delved in the “green circle” and, thanks to a natural predisposition for the floral techniques, she attended the most eminent education courses specializing in botanics, ikebana, window dressing and floral staging. From 2010 as Flower’s Symphony Art Director, Svetlana plans and develops complete set designs for prestigious weddings and events in Italy, in Russia and around the world. Charged with a strong creativity and a significant experience grown internationally, primly attentitive to details and luxury, meant as an expression of refined and cultured artistic taste, Flower Symphony started in 2011 an ambitious floral project called “Abiti Vegetali” (Vegetable clothing) which translates to a mixture of art, nature and poetry. The feminine body, beauty and charm reflect on canvases intertwined with hundreds and thousands of fragrant flowers, until real, wearable and beautiful dresses are assembled with prowess.




Edo Berton
Swiss Corner
Istituto Marangoni
Comune di Milano